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How To Stick To A Diet: The Ultimate Guide To „Hacking“ Your Brain For Unstoppable Motivation And Lifelong Diet Success by Derek Doepker


Has modern psychology uncovered powerful but simple mind "hacks" that allow you to literally rewire your brain for unstoppable motivation?

In "How To Stick To A Diet", you'll discover what the most recent psychological research has uncovered can be done to unlock the motivation you need to reach your goals, regardless of willpower.

Inside you'll discover:

• Why losing weight through dieting can backfire causing a person to end up more overweight down the road, and what is essential if you want to keep fat off FOREVER.

• The truth about why "diets don't work" is both true AND false! (The truth may surprise you!)

• How your core 4 emotional wants (that dictate all of your behavior) can make it impossible to stick to a diet unless you start to use them the right way.

• How changing one word you say can flip a switch in your brain to generate willpower on demand.

• 3 powerful “mind hacks” that instantly changing your feelings towards any foods! With these “hacks” in your tool belt, you'll laugh in the face of the foods that used to tempt you before.

• Why it's almost impossible for you to fail when you take the one simple approach most people don't even try!

• Why will-power alone will never be enough to stay on a diet, and what you must use instead.

• How you can still eat all of your favorite treats without them screwing up your diet, weight loss efforts, or health.

• Hands down the best, quickest, and safest way to lose weight while preventing metabolic shutdown ever invented!

• How to instantly shut down the body's stress response so you'll never have to worry about being too stressed out (be one of the few that knows the trick!).

• The real reason you crave sugar and snacks, and how a couple inexpensive items from your local grocery store will stop sugar and salt cravings dead in their tracks. (Never give into binge eating again when you know this!)

• Why following typical advice on “goal setting” may actually make it nearly impossible to sustain your results, and what recent research has shown you must do when setting goals for long-term success.

• What modern research has shown can actually alter your genetics, and what you must do to make sure your genes aren't keeping you unhealthy and out of shape.

• Why people often feel so stressed out about dieting, and how you can free
yourself of feeling overwhelmed when approaching diet. TIP: Discover this secret and apply it to other things, and your happiness will skyrocket in all areas of your life!

• A little known way to get organic quality food at wholesale prices so you can eat the healthiest foods without breaking your budget.

• How you can make days worth of healthy food in only 5 minutes of prep time. When you know this strategy, “not having time” will never have to be an excuse again.

• Where to find the best deals on supplements, protein shakes, and health foods online so you can avoid wasting hundreds to thousands of dollars.

• And much more!

Dieting can mean giving up your favorite foods, spending hours in the kitchen preparing meals, not enjoying meals with friends, and paying a fortune on costly health foods. Factor in the stress of trying to change your dietary habits, and it's no wonder having to muster up the motivation to stay on a diet can feel downright impossible.

But if sticking to a diet was impossible, then how can a person that ate fast food every single night, drank a half a gallon of sugary soft drinks a day, and hated healthy foods transform into someone that has eaten a healthy diet everyday for 9 years straight?

The answer may have something to do with a few little known secrets about human psychology that allow you to completely transform the wiring in your brain.

Fitness expert and former unhealthy eater Derek Doepker shares with you the same strategies used by himself and many others to successfully overcome all of the obstacles to getting and staying motivated on a diet.
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