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Car Secrets: How to Get the Car I Want at a Price I Love Using the Law of Attraction. „Help Me Get a Car!“ by Penelope Pauley


Choose every detail you want in a new or used car and have it delivered to you quickly, easily and at a sale price that will make car dealers everywhere scream in agony. It sounds unbelievable, but it's absolutely true. Tom Pauley and Penelope Pauley know because they’ve been doing it for years. They get one great deal right after another. Car dealers are dumbstruck trying to figure it out.

Get exactly the car you want, with the features you want, at a price that will blow your socks off. And the best part is, you really don’t do much at all. In this book, you'll learn the secret that turns a car sale into a super sweet deal. Every single time.

Now, keep in mind that a sweet deal is a whole lot more than price alone. Anyone can find a cheap hunk of junk which may or may not keep running long enough to get you to work and back. That's not what you want.

Tom and Penelope are talking about finding and buying exactly what you want in a vehicle and more. Perhaps the car you've dreamed about owning. They're also talking about the possibility of reducing your shopping experience from several days to a few hours.

They are talking about finding a quality vehicle that will give you great service without the need for expensive repairs. They're talking about getting a used car that looks and runs like a brand new car, or the new car of your dreams.

They're talking about getting the kind of radio and CD player you envy in other people's cars. They're talking about leather upholstery, low mileage, great paint and the right color...whatever you want you can have. This is the secret that turns every car purchase into a super sweet deal for you. Any vehicle you want.

Tom and Penelope have used this system to buy everything from a
Mercedes-Benz S-class to Volkswagens, Jeeps and Volvos. It also works on:

Ford * Dodge * Lamborghini * Acura * Isuzu * Lincoln *Lexus * Hyundai *Porsche * Chevy * Kia * GMC *Lotus * Cadillac * Mazorati * Mercury * Land Rover * Chrysler * Honda * Toyota * Rolls Royce * Mazda *Buick * Hummer *Nissan * Saab * Aston-Martin * Audi * Mitsubishi * Infiniti * BMW * Subaru * Cooper Mini * Ferrari * Suzuki * Jaguar * GMC * Hot Rods * Classics * Rare *
Custom * Street Racers *

You name the vehicle you want and this system can put one in your driveway. Tom even has a friend who used this system to get a three-year-old Bentley with less than 10,000 miles in near factory condition for $5,000.00. Yes! He bought a $200,000 car for five thousand dollars. Wow!

The story gets even better. This man is a night watchman. All he had was $5,000. Yet, the car and the title were delivered to him at his favorite coffee shop. He didn't visit one single used car sales dealer. He didn't page though the newspaper or the auto trader. He didn't make one single phone call. He just followed a few simple steps...the same simple steps Tom and Penelope are going to share with you...and he received the exact car of his dreams. Quickly and easily at a sale price he loved. He got everything he wanted... right down to the color. Dark Blue.

Tom says he's a friend because he used their system, but actually he's never met the man. He's a friend of a friend who passed Tom's secret along. When Tom and Penelope heard about his success...that's when they knew. They knew they had to share their system with other car and truck lovers. They just loved hearing his story. It was so powerful and exciting to know that someone they'd never met used this incredible system to improve his life. To get the car of his dreams.

This system works for anybody. It doesn't matter who you are or what you do for a living. You can have any vehicle you want! More and more people are using this system every single day. In fact, it is becoming the most valuable way to make a used car sale in the world. If you want to make a great used car sale deal, then this simple system is the answer you're looking for.
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Author: Penelope PauleyPublisher: Rich Dreams, Inc.Binding: Kindle EditionLanguage: EnglishPages: 46


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