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Released: 2012-09-27

The Perfect Freshwater Aquarium: A Complete Guide for Setup and Maintenance by Josh Law


Some amazing facts about Freshwater Aquarium care... and why you shouldn't even think about setting up an aquarium until you read every word of this description!
*A Freshwater Aquarium is a marvelously satisfying hobby that will not only provide you years of enjoyment, but may also have a calming affect on you after a hectic day at work.

*Yes! Caring for Freshwater Fish and Marine Life is different than Saltwater Fish. But it’s easier than you think . . . if you know what to do.

*Freshwater animals thrive when their water conditions are "just right"...unfortunately there is a ton of *wrong* information out there on how to do this.

There are essentially 4 main things you need to know about Freshwater aquarium care:

1. How to setup your tank properly.

2. How to maintain quality conditions in your tank.

3. How to cure your freshwater fish should they fall ill.

4. How to keep your Freshwater fish interested in the environment around him.

"The Ultimate Guide to Freshwater Aquariums" covers all of this, and a lot more.

And when you read it, you'll be BLOWN AWAY with how simple it really is to maintain your freshwater aquarium.

Here's just a taste of what you'll discover...

*A complete guide to water conditions and how to easily maintain proper water quality.

*The surprisingly diverse options in types of aquariums from which to choose for your freshwater fish.

*Step-by-step instructions on how to choose a freshwater aquarium.

*Recommendations on what stands to buy for your aquarium to rest on – and why this seemingly small decision may play a big role in your success!

*A crash course on the most important equipment your freshwater aquarium needs before you put a single fish in it.

*Why substrate matters! This guide also explains what substrate is and what exactly it means to your fish.

*The 4 types of substrate to avoid at any cost. As soon as you download the eBook, you’ll want to turn to this section.

*What a pH level is and why it’s important to the health of your fish and the overall environment in your freshwater aquarium.

*How to choose freshwater fish.

*6 crucial factors to consider before you buy any fish.

*Which fish you should never add to your Freshwater aquarium. This is an important one! Put the wrong fish together and they could eat each other alive!

*Why the wrong type of lighting can kill your freshwater fish.

*How to transport your fish home from the pet store and safely into your freshwater aquarium.

*8 Essential characteristics you should look for when you buy your freshwater aquarium.

*How to recognize a healthy fish when you see one. This one section alone is worth downloading the freshwater aquarium system.

*An entire chapter devoted to feeding your freshwater fish properly.

*All about the health of your Freshwater aquarium fish and marine animals including tips on how to recognize some of the more common diseases.

*The dangers of using commercially prepared medications to cure your freshwater fish of illnesses.

*How to set up a hospital tank for your sick fish. This is one of the best-kept secrets of the professionals.

*A crash course on proper maintenance of your freshwater tank to minimize any problems.

*Instructions on just how often to change the water in your freshwater aquarium and why.

*An entire chapter devoted to live plants for your freshwater aquarium.

*A handy chart showing you what type of light you need for the type of plants you’ve chosen. (Yes, this is one chart you MUST view before you buy those plants!)

*How to tell if your freshwater aquarium is experiencing “algae bloom” and what to do about it.

*The different types of macronutrients your freshwater plants need and why.

And that's not nearly all.

You'll discover much more in this rare and candid freshwater aquarium care system.
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