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Released: 2012-10-02

The Complete Cichlid Care Guide – My 20 Years Personal Journey Keeping Cichlids by Rob Holland


Discover How You Too Can Quickly and Easily Have The Perfect Cichlid Tank That Will Keep Your Cichlid Fish Healthy, Happy, Disease Free and Thriving For Years to Come!

Do You Have A Cichlid Aquarium?

Do you find it difficult to be able to pick the right cichlid fish for you and your cichlid aquarium?

Do you struggle to establish a cichlid tank that has the correct water conditions & environment for your cichlids to thrive?

Do you worry about how to identify potential cichlid diseases and ailments at times of unusual behaviour?

Do you feel like you are not sure what the best nutrition is for your cichlids?

Are you spending too much money on buying the essential supplies for cichlid care?

Do you feel helpless, powerless and unsure how to deal with a cichlid being bullied?

Do you worry on how to identify what causes your cichlid fish to show unusual behaviour?

This Cichlid Book Will Help You:

  • Identify the different cichlid species, helping to choose the right cichlid fishes for your aquarium

  • Establish the correct tank environment and water conditions for your fish to thrive for years to come

  • Identify the different diseases and how to treat these the right way to prevent death

  • Choose the right nutrition for optimum health of your species

  • Understand the various types of behaviour and why

A personal Note from The Author:

This book blends almost 20 years of personal experience as a cichlid enthusiast, helping many other enthusiasts with their cichlid care and having so-called experts asking me questions.

I understand the challenges of trying to figure out the correct tank environment, water conditions and the best nutrition. I used to get really upset when one of the fish died and even frustrated seeing aquariums with beautiful & healthy cichlids, but mine didn’t seem to thrive as well.

That’s why I’ve put together this step-by-step cichlid care guide, based on my 20 years experience. I hope this will help other enthusiasts to avoid those same frustrations, the pain of seeing your fish die and to make sure that their cichlids will be healthy & thriving for years to come.

Issues About Cichlid Fish Care & Tank setup Addressed In My Complete Cichlid Care & Aquarium Maintenance Guide:

  • How to maintain your aquarium the right way in a few simple steps

  • When to change your aquarium Water

  • Food NOT to give your fish

  • How to give your cichlids the best nutrition and care you can possibly give

  • How to identify cichlid diseases and ailments in 3 simple, but little known, steps

  • Introducing new Cichlids in your established tank

  • When to seek professional help when it comes to cichlid care

My Cichlid Book Also Shows You

  • 3 proven steps to care that few people know about

  • 2 simple keys (that are right in front of your eyes) to spot diseases

  • 3 things you should never do when it comes to caring for your cichlid

  • 7 everyday but often overlooked tips and tricks for setting up your cichlid tank

BONUS CHAPTER - 'The Bloat Cure':

The Only Remedy That Really Works
Daily step-by-step instructions to curing bloat successfully

Special Section For Enthusiasts who want to start with Cichlid breeding

From the groundwork through to separating the eggs from parents

Buy TODAY to have healthy cichlids
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Author: Rob HollandPublisher: Rob HollandBinding: Kindle EditionLanguage: EnglishPages: 104


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